Product & Services

product &services

Saving Schemes:

The Swadeshi Laghubitta designed various saving products with a major objective to participate in micro-enterprise activities by increasing the saving habit of the rural people with interest rate from 7 to 10% per annum.

Lending Schemes:

The  various lending programs like; General Loan, Agriculture Loan, foreign Employment loan, Micro-enterprise loan, emergency loan are the major products focusing to the poor and under privileged peoples with minimum amount from Nrs. 50000 to NRs. 150000 on group guaranty and up to Nrs. 400000.00 on collateral basis whereas the interest rate will vary from 12 to 19 % per annum.

Remittance Services

In recent years, the number of people seeking employment overseas has increased. To reduce the difficulties in receiving money send from abroad, the Swadeshi Laghubitta has introduced renowned remittance services to provide easy access to the money earned in abroad by the rural peoples of Nepal.

Social Development Programs:

As a microfinance services alone cannot uplift the living standard of small farmers, Swadeshi Laghubitta have planned to conduct many social inclusion, agriculture and other economic development programs by utilizing its internal resources with the assistance of the government for the overall development of poor and underprivileged peoples. These programs include: training, social programs on education, health, drinking water, environmental conservation, maternal and infant welfare scheme, community development programs, irrigation facilities, commercialize agriculture and reforestation. These programs are implemented with the voluntary labor of farmers and the financial resources of Swadeshi Laghubitta.

Micro insurance

The micro-financial service that is gaining increased attention is a category of products that address clients' needs for risk management. The low-income households are highly vulnerable to economic shocks caused by events such as death of family member, illness, destruction of valuable asset, or a disabling injury. Swadeshi Laghubitta planned to introduce this kind of new financial service and to provide micro-insurance service by partnering with established and reputed insurance company of Nepal. It is expected that micro-insurance can respond to households' need to reduce their vulnerability, while at the same time improving the results of their existing credit and savings portfolios. The clients are offered term life insurance and livestock insurance services linking them with insurance company